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VisualVM and JDK Mission Control on Mac OS

By | November 21, 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes Given that Oracle’s Java licensing model has changed, I have uninstalled all Oracle JDKs from my computer and am using SDKMAN to download free Java JDK versions. However I did not find my favourite Java JVM monitoring tools, VisualVM and Mission Control, in any of the JDKs that I downloaded with SDKMAN. VisualVM VisualVM was… Read More »

REST with Asynchronous Jersey and RXJava – Part 3

By | December 17, 2016

Reading Time: 18 minutes In this series of articles I will implement a RESTful web service using Spring Boot and Jersey. I will then modify the service as to use asynchronous server-side request processing and RXJava. Load-tests will be made using Gatling before and after the modifications, in order to determine any improvements. The first article in this series… Read More »

Remote JMX Monitoring of a Mule Instance

By | August 24, 2014

Reading Time: 6 minutes Remote JMX Monitoring of a Mule Instance In this post I will describe how to enable monitoring of a remote Mule instance using JMX. In addition I will also enable the MX4J web interface that will expose the JMX properties of the Mule instance in a web application and I will install the Jolokia Mule… Read More »