New Book: Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail

By | June 19, 2018

It has been a long time since, but I am happy to announce the availability of a new book that I am in the process of writing:

Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail

Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail book cover.

Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail book cover.

This book goes through each of the topics as described in the Core Spring 5.0 Certification Study Guide as published by Pivotal. I try to answer each of the questions and explain in further detail where needed.

The book is organized in the following the following major sections:

Section Status
Container, Dependency and IoC First iteration 100% finished
Aspect Oriented Programming First iteration 100% finished
Data Management: JDBC, Transactions, JPA, Spring Data First iteration 100% finished
Spring Boot First iteration 100% finished
Spring MVC and the Web Layer First iteration 100% finished
Security First iteration 100% finished
REST 30% finished
Testing 0% finished

I will update the table above as the writing progress. Last update 2019-01-03.

With this book I am also undertaking an experiment, which I have contemplated for some time, publishing the book on LeanPub. While the book can be downloaded for free, you can chose to pay up to USD 20 (plus any VAT if you live in the EU) and contribute to my book-writing and blogging. If you do chose to pay for the book, LeanPub have a 45-day customer satisfaction guarantee enabling you to get a refund according to the terms here.
Note that while you may obtain the book for free, you are not allowed to distribute it to others.

At the moment the book is only available as a PDF but I will attempt to produce other formats.

If you have any questions regarding the book, if you found errors in the book or if you have any other suggestions for improvements of the book then please do not hesitate to contact me either through a comment on this post or using the LeanPub contact form for the book.

Happy learning and coding!

4 thoughts on “New Book: Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail

  1. Belenzo

    Hi Ivan,

    If I download the book and pay now/today and after sometime when the book is fully finished, I can download it again (for free) right? Sorry. If my question sounds stupid. I’m not sure how LeanPub works.

    1. Ivan Krizsan Post author

      I was not totally clear about this myself either when I bought my first book on LeanPub.
      Yes, you will get all future updates to the book for free. When I publish a new version, I always send a mail (through LeanPub) to the readers who have chosen to receive such updates – so please be careful to do so if you want to receive notifications about updates!
      Happy coding!

    1. Ivan Krizsan Post author

      Yes, my book covers the last Core Spring certification – for version 5 of the Spring Framework.
      Good luck with the certification!


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