Mule ESB 4 Community Edition Docker Image

By | October 28, 2017
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A few short words on the update of my Mule ESB Community Edition Docker images, to which I have included an image for the version 4 release candidate.

Since there were problems running the version 4 release candidate on Alpine Linux due to the JavaScript scripting engine not being included or not working properly, I decided to switch base image for this particular version.
The OpenJDK official repository contains a wealth of Docker images based on Alpine Linux, Debian and even Windows server for those with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 Docker hosts. I chose a base image based on Debian Stretch (Debian 9) which has been slimmed down for used in containers and OpenJDK JRE 1.8u141. This combination allowed Mule ESB 4 to start properly.

Seeing that the size of the Debian-based Mule Docker image is even smaller than the Alpine Linux based Docker images, I will look into making the Docker images for the other versions of Mule ESB Community Edition based on Debian as well. For me, this will have the benefit of a closed match with my development environment in which I use Ubuntu Linux.

Regretfully, I have not had time to try out Mule ESB version 4 yet as I am working on a project that uses Spring Integration 5, which I by the way really can recommend, but I think there will be an opportunity in a not-too-distant future.

Happy coding!

3 thoughts on “Mule ESB 4 Community Edition Docker Image

  1. Richa williams

    Hai, Thanks for sharing the nice Article regarding Mule ESB docker Edition.

  2. Jason Hodge

    Hi Ivan, thanks for the docker image for Mule 4 Community. Has it been updated recently?

    1. Ivan Krizsan Post author

      Sorry, no and as I stopped working with Mule, I am afraid it is not likely to be updated. Please do fork the repository if you want to!


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