Monthly Archives: October 2017

Mule ESB 4 Community Edition Docker Image

By | October 28, 2017

Reading Time: < 1 minute A few short words on the update of my Mule ESB Community Edition Docker images, to which I have included an image for the version 4 release candidate. Since there were problems running the version 4 release candidate on Alpine Linux due to the JavaScript scripting engine not being included or not working properly, I… Read More »

Spring Integration 5: WebFluxInboundEndpoint and Remote Client Address

By | October 14, 2017

Reading Time: 13 minutes Spring Integration 5 comes with the new WebFluxInboundEndpoint which is an endpoint that allows you to use reactive programming when handling HTTP requests in your Spring Integration application. Not only this, but the WebFluxInboundEndpoint is also implemented in a fashion which makes it much more suitable for reuse. In this article I am going to… Read More »