IntelliJ IDEA on Linux Mint 18

By | January 21, 2017

Just a quickie for all you happy coders out there trying to use IntelliJ IDEA in Linux Mint and have run into problems:

I’ve had the pleasure to switch from another operating system, which name I prefer not to say out loud, to Linux Mint on a computer that I use for coding.
It has mostly been a positive experience, except for windows spanning all of my monitors and Cinnamon crashing when I opened, for instance, launch configuration settings in IntelliJ IDEA.
For some reason which I cannot remember now, I installed Bumblebee in Linux Mint 18 and voila, the dialogs in IntelliJ IDEA went back to normal size and didn’t crash Cinnamon!

Keep the link somewhere handy, because I found that I needed to reinstall Bumblebee after an update of the display drivers.

Happy coding!

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