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Message Cowboy – Task Execution Status Reports and Periodic Cleanup

By | December 31, 2014

On the last day of 2014 I managed to squeeze in the final touches to storing task execution status entries and periodic cleanup of such entries in Message Cowboy. For those not familiar with Message Cowboy, please refer to the Github project page. Task execution status entries indicate the result of the execution of a… Read More »

New Hosting

By | November 23, 2014

I have moved the blog to new hosting, since I have had a feeling that the previous place was a tad bit slow. Hope this place will be better. My apologies for the downtime earlier today – it was my first time migrating a WordPress blog and I also had to redirect the domain name,… Read More »

Digital Certificate Basics

By | November 9, 2014

I have used digital certificates for quite some time without actually knowing how things work, for instance when a HTTPS connection is established between a client and a server. My knowledge was limited to a set of procedures like “put the truststore here and insert the appropriate password there and things will work”. In this… Read More »

Programming For Everybody – Python Course at

By | October 21, 2014

I am currently taking a course in Python at called “Programming for Everybody“. This is a beginner’s programming course using the Python language. “What on earth is this man doing in a beginner’s programming course?” you may ask. Please bear with me for a moment and I hope you will understand. First of all,… Read More »

Altova MapForce Generated Java Code Warning

By | August 30, 2014

Very Briefly for the Impatient Java code generated by Altova MapForce in the “com.altova” package and sub-packages may differ between different mappings. It is not possible to create a common library and reuse it between different mappings without risking errors. The Slightly Longer Version At the office we use Altova’s MapForce to create mappings and… Read More »